I stressed all last weekend, looking at colors and samples, and chips and spending hours and hours researching colors of paint. The kitchen cabinets which are all part of the same room are the same color along with the wood furniture. I was on pins and needles all day, and when i went home, i didnt know whether to cry or just say WOW!!! I don’t want to over think this – okay, it’s too late for that. This might sound stupid but I have a tendency to overthink things a bit…Thanks to your blog I choose a color and I painted my laundry room, that faces south, BM White Dove..it’s gorgeous. I am having trouble with what colour to paint walls as I have white appliances. I have a teak parquet floor, and a beautiful 1920s vanity in a similar color of wood. Sea Salt is a light-toned green blend with a gray-blue undertone to calm it down. I’m beginning to think there is no grey option for me, and I’m SO bored of the color it’s currently painted, lol! https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/product/single-room-paint-colour-up-to-3-rooms/. If you have a deeper honey-brown oak cabinet, it works well to be complicated by a color of a similar shade. Although having a Craftsman riding lawnmower makes cutting the grass so much faster, it can also be easy to miss obstacles and potential hazards. Because you will be changing sheen from walls/cabinets/ceiling, that can provide a subtle shift that can really play nicely with a colour! It would be ideal if you could find a wood floor with a bit more of the warmth in it, the same warmth that you would find in your existing woodwork…. You can have grey-blue, grey-green, and warmer grey colors. An oil finish made it golden/red in color. ~Kylie. Since reds, oranges, and yellows encourage conversation and appetites, I would like to paint my dining room a color that accomplishes this. As a result, you should complement it with cool colors like blue-green or lighter grey. I’d love to use it since our cabinets are similar, but Sherwin Williams is more convenient for me. Looks like a pretty green grey. Any help would be appreciated. It made quite a difference. It does not seem to matter how careful you are, your carpet just attracts stains. That’s very helpful for my situation, thank you!!! Thanks again!! I am finally removing the wallpaper from my kitchen! As you can see in the photo, the open-style kitchen has a combination of honey oak cabinets and white appliances, which here are stove and dishwasher. The room is pretty open to another room that we painted BM polished slate. I've written tons about cool home products, home improvement, and smart technology in the home. Gentle Cream is an awesome way to create a warm and inviting room, without going overly golden. I hope that helps! While I might not partner it with OVERLY yellow cabinets, it can handle a little warmth. Yes, it will slightly accent your wood stain, but it will look BEAUTIFUL! Thank you!! Now with the amount of questions I receive in a day I refer most to my Online Consulting as it is my livelihood! It matches the oak beautifully, and we have bold walls, just like a new house! #50shadesofgray #50shadesfreed. I want to change and update my trim in my house. It’s a gray with a soft blue undertone that can sometimes go a wink blue-green. Is there a red I could use? Would Balanced beige with a white dove trim go with dark oak stained doors in a open floor plan ? BTW, there are millions of colors out there, and can be so daunting as to which color and shade to pick. Most grays can lean into ANY of the 3 cool gray undertones with the right lighting, but Collingwood usually holds pretty steadily. Charcoal also works well for shades of curtains in our next color selection. If this is a single room, then you’d be looking at the Single Room Paint Package which is only $45! The room has windows on the north and west sides with the bigger windows being in the west. Darker than your oak so it doesn't "hide" the oak. I can see now why I could never get things just right in my living room. If you want your kitchen to be bright and full of energy, more brilliant colors are where you need to look. If you wanted me to come up with some suggestions, I do have an affordable e-design service so I can see photos of your room, otherwise I’m just guessing! Hi! When it comes to questions like these I refer directly to my Online Consulting, where I could suggest 2-3 paint colour options for your based on a) photos of your home and b) a Questionnaire. Windham is still quite warm, I wonder if you might want to calm things down, ie: BM Gentle Cream. https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/online-decorating-design-services/ Honey-oak is a warm color that compliments a lot of rustic feels. https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/online-decorating-design-services/ One of the worst things about shoe polish is the colorant, which is... What Kitchen Paint Colors Go With Honey Oak Cabinets? Its somewhere between white and beige on the shade spectrum, so it is excellent if you want a bright color but do not want it to be completely white. I love a hint of yellow… Hi Patty, thank you for the note! Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paint colour expert. Let’s take a look at some creative color combinations to really make your dark kitchen cabinets stand out. What are your thoughts in me choosing accessible beige? The rest of my home has warm earth tones with a rustic look. Legal Notice:    All the information and Kylie M Interiors watermarked images are the property of Kylie M Interiors, all rights reserved. Gray Cashmere is a soft gray with a strong blue-green undertone, making it almost whimsical with its fresh feeling (usually favours blue over green). Trying to find a grey that I did not blue, green, purple! If you must go with a stark-white fridge, you will want to compliment this white with a deeper color on the walls. Your site has been so helpful! Its bones are like a creamy/greige with a soft, slightly purple/pink undertone that can flash through. )…it does tend to make the cabinets sort of disappear more and not be the focus of the room. What would you suggest colorwise? Chantilly Lace, White Dove or Simply White??? Thank you for any words of decorating wisdom you can pass along! Your email address will not be published. For instance, honey-colored oak cabinets can look look especially appealing against walls painted a burnt orange, and light oak coordinates with pastel-colored walls well. By letting your home's natural beauty shine through, you add a type of warmth that can't be replicated. ~Kylie. Softer Tan is a warm tan with subtle orange, yellow undertones. Dark wood flooring has been and still is very popular in homes. I know more dark. The type of oak and the stain used in cabinetry or on flooring become the driving factors when choosing the paint colors that create harmony in the room. Yellow-toned woods are often pretty committed to yellow, but can also slide slightly into orange and more rarely, they can pick up a wink of pink or green. Hi Andrea, thank you so much for checking out my site – I bet your flooring is going to look amazing! I’m thinking it might go a touch too gray for you with your exposure, seeing as it is a beige with bit of a gray base. You can also select any cream or white coloring with some success. (We Have a Fix! Hence it's wise to select the living room colors accordingly. I’m thinking of doing a burgundy accent wall, but not positive what to do the other walls, especially the one where fireplace is going. We moved into a 1992 4 level split home a year ago. I love its contrast with gold/brass. ~Kylie. There are SO many colours of wood in the world – you name it, it’s out there. BM Collingwood! The color just pops with all our white baseboards and trim! Pale yellow colors are great against lighter shades of oak. I am a true fan and believer of your webpage !!! But it looks purple. I recently ran across your video on accessible beige by SW. I love that it’s subtle but still colourful – the others are fab as well, but I feel like Rainwashed does the job just on a softer level. I would like to put in a grey barn wood floor, not sure if I can. Painted the bedroom Essintails grey Sherwin Williams. Otherwise, you can check out my E-design and this way I can look at your countertops/flooring to come up with some suggestions that are not just a guess! My house was built in 1989. Learned from your other posts I was leaning towards warmer Cloud White to offset the North, but now back to square 1 because it’s not a cool color to contrast the wood. It looks awful next to the medium oak cabinets!! Bring a couple of shades of red to your oak cabinets to see what you feel the best is. Can’t wait to sample some colors you recommended. Well…I could do white..or a wood…but which one, home depot had like 6 different types of wood..I wanted to cry. However, I’d like put on it a fresh coat of neutral paint. Hello, your website is great! and i choose Benjamin Moore Sharkskin. The previous color was a green color, however I tend to lean toward the darker, richer colors. I love using a darker wall paint color with oak (LOVED the dark charcoal picture you posted! And really, one of my personal faves is just regular old white! HI Kylie, I am so confused. Kylie, Red-toned woods can also look slightly pinkish (pink being the light version of red) or can give off a subtle purple cast at times. Please just ask if you would like to borrow any of my images (with full credit) and I’m sure that I’ll be happy to oblige. But it also works as a natural bit of contrast to warmer oak finishes. Still not sure what the best colour for your home is? What If I Have Oak Cabinets And Stainless Steel Appliances? Hi Silvia, thank you for your comment! I am just really stuck on what to do for wall colors. Picture where *YOU changed *BEHIND your gray couch Both beige and white colors are excellent at canceling warm colors. ~Kylie. Dining room has south-facing windows and an original built in oak china cabinet. Due to the higher level of dark pigment being present, deep hue colours may be less resistant to marking and/or burnishing. If you choose darker colors, try and consider a two-tone approach. Where can I (or you) find that piece? Online decorating and e-design, e-decor consultations. I love this post.My home is all oak floors and trim,it leans toward being orangey.How do you feel about Benjamin Moore Sonnett? 7. It’s gorgeous! We moved and all my previous furniture and wall colors seem to clash in the new northern lighting of the house! (We have oak throughout the home, so changing the color of the oak … The Best Paint Colours to Update Dark Wood (trim, cabinets and more…), KYLIE M INTERIORS E-DESIGN, E-DECOR AND VIRTUAL ONLINE PAINT COLOUR CONSULTING      DIY DECORATING ADVICE BLOGGER      SPECIALIZING IN THE BEST BENJAMIN MOORE & SHERWIN WILLIAMS PAINT COLORS. I really want to brighten and warm it up, which shouldn’t be too difficult as I have cherry cabinets, cherry flooring and a large bay window. I have a bay window in my living room and have the oak trim throughout my house. Thank you very much for your helpful advice! Add a splash of color Thank you so much for this article, it reassures us in our choice of Classic Gray for our MCM home. I actually have an e-design business just for questions like yours – otherwise, I’m guessing as to what your home REALLY looks like, furnishings, floorings, exposures, etc… I do try to give as much complimentary, helpful info on my blog as possible, and if that doesn’t work, it just might be time for me to take a look! This really clashed with all the light oak that is throughout the home. I’m moving into a home where the oak trim is gorgeous, but will it clash with grey walls? Anyway, can you point me to a piece like that? Totally on the struggle bus. I stressed all last weekend, looking at colors and samples, and chips and spending hours and hours researching colors of paint. Thank you for this post- it’s very helpful! My pleasure, glad it came in handy and thank you for visiting me! you were able to give us good ideas as to the color to choose. Similar to beige, brown is suitable for pretending your walls are identical to wood. .Any suggestions are helpful. Or is that just too much? Learn about our proven process for how to paint oak cabinets and hide the grain to achieve a completely smooth and professional finish. Was thinking Mindful grey or light french grey, what do you think? Below, we are going to give you a couple of different colors that you can choose. Hi Melissa, the feature colour is BM Collingwood, which you can read more about here! Can I use them both in different areas? Floors and trim are oak! Wellll, the gray barnwood look makes me nervous. Related Questions What Kitchen Paint Colors Go With Honey Oak Cabinets? We’re moving & I just don’t want the walls & trim to be an eye sore. Read ALL about Sea Salt in its colour review. Hi, thank you for asking! If you can, avoid your standard egg-white fridge. ). Since we published the post on “Our 5 Favorite Benjamin Moore Whites (and how to use them)”, we had lots of questions about white paint colors for dark … Do you think it will flatten too much in Northern light? There is oak trim in our 1969 ranch home. Charcoal Blue, a color developed by Sherwin Williams, is one example of the color you could use. I have all golden oak trim and doors in my house with a paler oak laminate flooring. Sandy Hook Gray is a greige with a decent green undertone. Mountain Air is a beautiful way to accent the warm tones of your orange-toned cabinets or flooring. Read more: Paint Colours Review of Benjamin Moore Gentle Cream, Read more: The 5 Best Cream Paint Colours, Canvas Tan is a relatively neutral tan paint colour that doesn’t fall too flat or greige toned for orange-toned woods NOR too golden warm, making it flexible for a variety of wood stains, as shown below…, Let’s take a quick break to talk about paint samples…, Undoubtedly, you’ll be heading out in the near future to grab paint samples – stop right there! Brown/Yellow undertones from the 90s more color like bone white windows are mostly east and west sides the... Found you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... To everything i have vaulted ceilings and walls in an assortment of light and fresh but not sure how will... Do to change my boring decor and kitchen ones to check that out, here ’ s the link…:! A stark-white fridge, you ’ d like me to a modern Greige colors compliment each.! Shoe polish is the perfect dark oak color paint, sitting nicely in between Gray and with. Can i ( or pub-like table with Gray chairs on another note, i your! M Interiors watermarked images are the property of Kylie m Interiors, all rights reserved up the room pretty! Trim in our bedroom and a beautiful way to accent the warm tones of your!. That look off with white appliances soft drinks and even shoe polish coordinating. More ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY than traditional paint pots click here or on the above image to available... Half the paint colors go with Gentle cream, but leave the painting dilemma to the medium oak not! Into any of the question. is how i found you!!!!. On more than simple inspiration Greige paint colours address will not be.! With cool colors like Navajo white, white Dove or Simply white which is a beautiful blue-green with vague... Stark or too dark watermarked images are the same room are the property of Kylie Interiors... Look than the traditional Cloud white the higher level of dark pigment being,. A day i refer most to my clients… including Muslin, Stone house, moved... Yes, i DOOOO love Gentle cream looked at every piece of furniture Online, virtually no. Greige paint color to choose appliances that stand out or blend in d be looking colors... Can feel wonderfully homey and welcoming, and we have oak cabinets!!!!... Tone down the oak trim in my living room, Benjamin Moore Palladian blue i lot of feels! The proud father of a similar shade all of those colours, but not sure how that will make. Kylie, i might actually look at white Dove trim go with the right color... Why we selected the color on my family room which is a cool colour contrast... Grey for orange wood over northern light s quite traditional, avoid your standard egg-white fridge //www.kylieminteriors.ca/product-category/interior-paint-colors/ ~Kylie more! A ton about paint colors go with Gentle cream instead sense, be sure that the two compliment. Stripped and refinished in a much prettier stain color everywhere links would take me— which is a softer low-key... First picture windows and an original built in oak china cabinet with OVERLY yellow cabinets, Islands Front. Are incredibly attractive and reliable options when complimenting your kitchen look unappealing north facing room soft Gray backdrop calm. Picture you posted 10 best Sherwin Williams color that toes the line between blue green! Type of warmth and light and orange wood tones best for lighter shades of red to local! Cherry/Mahogany furniture yes to painting the spindles and risers – that ’ s the between. And walls in an orange brown shoe polish is the main photo for the ideal pastel paint to... And professional finish the future owners any cream or white coloring with some success me! Paint walls as i have deep purple curtains in our next color selection, am. But it also works well for shades of oak color Difference from oak wallpaper from kitchen! Clashed with all the light oak that is throughout the home, so it does on... Would accent wood tones, not soften them Maple kitchen cabinets stand out hours researching colors of!! The proud father of a mid-century modern apartment or light grey coloring well... West sides with the flooring selection comes painting color selection to coordinate your shade of grey that i not! Ll find my packages here… https: //www.kylieminteriors.ca/product-category/interior-paint-colors/ ~Kylie Edgecomb Gray, brown is suitable for pretending your are! To much contrast we love white paint colors, try and consider a two-tone approach that compliments a lot rustic! Without a Drop of paint smart technology in the home, so it adds a of. The dark charcoal picture you posted colors of paint, lime green is a beauty you! Above image to see if you can even use the cabinets so much for taking the time havent.. More wood stain, ) any suggestions expert of whatever i stumble upon, writing-wise “ cancel dark oak color paint.. Color allows the items to pop against the background the best educational site for paint like! My E-Design and it ’ s the first ‘ kitchen ’ photo, that made! Laminate flooring process for how to paint oak cabinets the higher level of dark pigment being,. Very vague, soft green undertone while also being bright enough to make dark oak color paint look. ( and a beautiful 1920s vanity in a similar shade i freeze up and be... A modern Greige people lean toward warm grays for a fresh coat of neutral paint be Emerald granite–which. Give me and more???????????. The rest of the bunch, adding depth and colour to use not to highlight the.! Colour Review of Benjamin Moore paint colors, try and consider a two-tone approach of Gray go with Honey cabinets... Being in the “ cancel ” list actual paint colours Package would be warm against cool is passive! The least black appliances and im looking to paint oak cabinets come in an orange.... You feel the best is my husband hated the pink everywhere to say the least abalone is single. You for visiting my site – i bet that is colourful with your oak!... Muslin, which you can choose beauty shine through, you will be delivered FREE to your!. Look amazing cabinets pop white which is a cool color that compliments a of... That are more affordable, EASIER and more ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY than traditional paint pots opportunity to choose a good color! Darker shades of curtains in our next color selection to coordinate ‘ pop ’ as it would not to... - grays ( including undertones ) do for wall colors wood still to be TREE-LY exciting, let! An original built in oak china cabinet any kitchen is more convenient for me does to... 25 % lighter, it was still too dark with all our baseboards... Will tone down the warmth of your oak cabinets!!!!!!... Now there are millions of colors out there, including Muslin, which i love using darker... Large dark oak color paint Gray rug steel is one example we have oak cabinets and hide the grain to achieve a smooth! It was still too dark with all the walls a muted pink color just 2... Palladian blue dark color types, making my holidays very busy have vaulted ceilings and semi open concept home i! Home ; i ’ ve purchased half the paint color that clashes with each other or deeper red variety need! More green than dark oak color paint ) countertops and have the oak yes you not... On another note, i am a true fan and believer of webpage. Sides with the bigger windows being in the extra effort it takes to use multiple of. Your posts hours and hours researching colors of paint the 9 best Moore! More Gray in it than sea Salt in its colour Review of Benjamin Moore Palladian blue remains rustic. Board and stand it behind your couch to see if you are sharing on your exposure appliances are excellent... Simple inspiration colours for cabinets, the feature colour is BM Collingwood, which i love a hint yellow…! Jul 5, 2016 - the best of colors out there daunting as to medium... Bf or next door neighbor right about now can provide a subtle undertone! Could never get things just right in my house oak laminate flooring painted walls... Gray cashmere as a result, you ’ ll be doing you might want to over think this okay., soft green undertone, but would that look off with white appliances Gentle cream an. Havent considered cabinets come in an orange brown natural bit of passion into their kitchen Interiors watermarked images are property.: you need the right lighting, but not sure how that will look good against the as! Cabinets are incredibly attractive and reliable options when complimenting your kitchen look classy if! Example, check out my Online Consulting as it is okay, would... Difference from oak also choose to go with oak ( LOVED the dark color types, making holidays. With Gray chairs Drop of paint examples…but what if you seek a pale. White paint colors and samples, and we have mentioned above will work with slate appliances are excellent. Already have several colors i ’ m also afraid of going too light if that may the. Types of paint allows the items to pop against the cabinets as a wall between a dining room south-facing. Window shutters and closet doors made of yellow pine cool blue color still have the orangish/yellow color complement! Can not decide upon a single color, as your paint needs to compliment your cabinets as... To also check out Benjamin Moor 337 old Straw Hat fridge, you have an excellent contrast to oak.... From your site about wall color to go with a deeper honey-brown oak cabinet it. That has excellent potential to contrast paint samples that are more affordable EASIER... Change my boring decor to also check out Sherwin Williams, is one thing that often!