He was alway willing to share his passion for the outdoors and living life to the fullest. Andy Caplan taught me to swim at the Harvest House. He was an amazing human and lives on in our family lore (like so many other Boulderites) with classic swim lesson stories. Andy, I wish you peace. My boys loved to swim with Andy. He has extensive experience representing both clients and businesses, but his first job in the field of law was a law clerk to the Chief Justice of the Colorado Supreme … She had her last lesson with him just last Wednesday, Oct 28th. 49 records in 39 cities for Andrew Hill in Colorado. Goodbye old friend. Our loss was profound and the Caplans provided time and comfort.When the Caplan family still lived in Michigan, I would babysit for Jenni and Andrew. Not only experiencing the length of life but consciously choosing to experiencing the depth of life. ❤️ love, your favorite niece Bella. We are grateful to have had the influence of his gentle genius. He was patient, kind, gentle and fun to watch. His patience, kindness and humor made swimmers out of our kids. I don’t think he was necessarily a big brother to Jen, older siblings can be judgmental and harsh, but instead Andy was an equal and one of the least judgmental people, especially with Jen. Andy left an indelible mark on my children, Shannon and Spencer. That was my first swim lesson, but not my last—every week for the next 22 years. So tragic. I would see Andy in there frequently and he was always cheerful and enthusiastic. He helped me find a love for the sport. I wish with all my heart that I could head over for a swim right now and see you on the edge of the pool and watch your face light up with the smile that you always shared so freely. I will share a small story that left me to remember forever.I sent Helen to the swimming club and Andy at the same time, as she and I was so frustrated swimming in level 1 for two years. Our loss was profound and the Caplans provided time and comfort.When the Caplan family still lived in Michigan, I would babysit for Jenni and Andrew. I can only hope my children will be as patient, kind and goofy as Coach Andy was. I swam religiously at the harvest House pool from 2006 through about 2011. There aren't enough words in this world that could possibly express the kind of man Andy was. Reading these remembrance of him really helps us to not feel alone in our grief.Andy has been an amazing coach to my daughter and her friends who took lessons with him. From one adventurous spirit to another....you will be missed friend, you sure did shine during your time here with us! His enthusiasm was infectious. While his life ended way too, quickly and abruptly, he packed in to his 49 years on earth more than most people do in 100 years. He encouraged and gently guided her from one end to the other in the pool, persistently and tirelessly. There are currently over … Peace and love to all. Holding all of you tight during this time and sending much love to Andy’s family, friends and Betsy. The world has lost an amazing soul! We kept tabs on everyone, with visits from Robert and even Andy came a couple of years ago. There’s not a time when my son and I get together and some random Andy story pops up in conversation. We will miss him deeply.He is irreplaceable. I was a snowboarder and I recall several epic ski adventures with Jen, Andy, Dennis, and other friends. We can't even imagine how difficult this must be for his family and they have our deepest sympathy! Andy made the atmosphere better when he walked into a room. There are 30+ professionals named "Andrew Caplan", who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities. We all miss him deeply. As he did with anyone, regardless of age, mood, or beliefs. It took a couple trips before he accepted my inferior method of snow sports but in the end he just loved good company on a powder day. He said:" Wei, I apologize for what I said about her going to the club. View Andy Caplan’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. We will cherish those wonderful memories forever, and our daughter will always have that beautiful bond with her favorite Coach Andy! Signe wheeler. Within months Andy had him swimming well, but possibly even more so helped him gain confidence in himself as a person.Andy's lust for life was infectious. And when I started teaching swim lessons in college, I inevitably thought of Andy every time a child was having a hard time in the pool. Thank you for being you, Andy. We connected from the first lesson. I am grateful for the memories that I have. I would always say after each practice, "what an amazing Uncle he is". Andy taught me how to swim. He also taught me how to swim, which will forever continue to change my life. "I think I waited maybe a month after my girls started lessons with you before trying to set you up with Betsy. 51 records for Gerald Caplan. God bless. May God’s strength help you through this difficult time. We nodded, thankful for the calm of a private lesson at the Harvest House. My heart goes out to the Caplan family. “The bond between friends cannot be broken by chance; no interval of time or space can destroy it. From their blossoming love of the outdoors- to the future trips I am sure they will take. Thank you Andy. Who can fill this void in the lives of the children he taught and of those who will never have a chance to know him? Of course, I profoundly regret that now, and have spent the last few weeks looking over old photos and reminiscing the times spent with a good friend. Andy, you were an amazing teacher and an incredibly kind human. And despite leaving this Earth too soon and so suddenly, he packed in so much life in his years, that we should all stand in envy of. Prayers for all of you. I am thinking of your whole family. Andy told me that one of the most rewarding things about teaching kids to swim was seeing his former or current students out and about town - tubing, swimming, playing in the creek - just having fun in the water and observing in them a love of water. University of Colorado Boulder To teach someone to swim. Now a days I can’t go a day without jumping in the ocean, dunking in a creek, paddling around a lake, it’s just apart of who I am, and I attribute that to Andy. I will always remember the years we spent together, early in the mornings at Harvest House. It is funny cuz life has a way of moving on but Andy is a person you feel blessed to have met...his bright eyes, huge smile and loving spirit will live on in each of us. THE BOULDER FLATIRONS. Very dedicated to his craft and enjoyed helping people improve themselves. This is one of the many Andy memories that I wouldn't trade for the world. His lively energy will be missed. Wish I could give you one last squeeze and say I love you. I met Andy on the pool deck at Colorado Athletic Club, following one of Monica's legendary master's swim sessions. Condolences to your family and loved ones. Andy delivered. I last spoke with Andy on Thursday afternoon as I exited CAC. I called him "The Baby Whisperer," because I was mystified by the level of trust, cooperation and success he earned from even the youngest of swimmers. My son turns 30 tomorrow and I just learned of Andy’s passing. I still can't wrap my head around that he's gone. One of these is from a time that we skied together after one of his knee surgeries. Owen and Naomi learned how to swim because if you. Andy was a keen listener, a trait that always made me feel special and cared for. I asked him if he taught adults, and he answered, “no”, but after a short discussion he relented and squeezed me in between two four-year-old girls the next day. Glen and I met Andy years ago when we lived near him prior to having children. He taught met how to be a better tele-skier and swimmer. My heart goes out to his family. “The bond between friends cannot be broken by chance; no interval of time or space can destroy it. And when I started teaching swim lessons in college, I inevitably thought of Andy every time a child was having a hard time in the pool. You taught them how to swim with strength and confidence, and you showed me how to teach with presence and warmth. My daughter has been swimming with Andy for the last two years except during the summer months when she was part of the MESA Swim Team. Through my gym I had access to the Harvest House pool where I saw Andy teaching children. May you all find peace in the midst of this pain. Ashley and Kaden will get back in the pool because we know that’s where he would want them to be. I offer my sorrowful condolences to his family, loved one and to everyone who had a chance to meet this extraordinary man. Even though I go by Bob, he always called me Robert. Andy was often there as well, teaching little ones how to swim, working on their drills, etc. I know because I watched him do it every day for 22 years. This tragedy is such a loss for so many. I have now read many of the posted memories. It was always such a pleasure when I would run into Andy. My deepest condolence to Monica and all he left behind. And everything Andy did was with kindness. Andy's lessons taught my kids so much more than swimming....perseverance, work ethic, commitment, consistency. Andy and his sisters spent time teaching my daughter, but most of all his mother was a constant source of help with my daughter. I love you so much, thank you for always believing in me. Such a beautiful person. Before moving to Andrew's current city of Essex Fells, NJ, Andrew lived in West Orange NJ and Glen Head NY. Andy was among the finest human beings I have ever known. While you weren't an official roommate at CU, you were there enough to qualify! I got terrible blisters and he bonked somewhere between Star Pass and the Barnard Hut, but he rallied so hard and ended up being the one stoking us across the seemingly endless Richmond Ridge and down into Aspen. My son, wife and I send you our most sincere condolences. Andy was very patient and encouraging during my lessons. I wish more people in today's world had an ounce of Andy in them. When my daughter Marie was born in 2008, he gave me advice on when she could begin lessons, and we eventually started those in 2012. Our daughter had a magical bond with Andy. Minus some vacations, we saw each other daily for the next 8 years. You left this world on your terms. I was so relieved that he was assigned the locker next to mine. I was touched. Remembering him and his adventurous spirit and amazing explorations ! I am very sorry for your loss, he was a great person. He was patient, kind, gentle and fun to watch. 80203 He brighten my families day with every interaction. ... About Caplan & Earnest Caplan & Earnest is a Boulder … Not many adults take the time to truly listen to children, but Andy did, as he floated me up and down the pool on a kickboard. Our family enjoyed our ski days together, violin concerts, ice cream outings, shared meals, fixing bike tires and of course swim meets.My greatest lesson I learned form Andy is when he told me ”if he was not making a difference each day with someone, why bother?”Our hearts are so full of love for him and will carry his generous spirit of giving back to others!The greatest ones are most missed - and my condolences to all of his family and loved ones. Andy... A man full of endless smiles and positive vibes. He called me “Emmy” which not many people did and I loved it. Every Wednesday afternoon I’d arrive at the Harvest House and Andy would always be there, ready to teach me how to be a better swimmer. The world has lost a gem. I am deeply saddened that he is no longer with us. He was a caring and kindhearted gentleman. Andrew Rosen has lived and practiced as a civil litigation attorney in Boulder, Colorado, for over 30 years. Walking backwards guiding a young boy or girl and coaching them: “rocket ship arms; frog legs; big arms; blow your bubbles; one-two-three…; you’re a GOOD swimmer; his name is Andy, too—isn’t that funny?” In all of the years I watched him, I never once saw him lose his composure with the children no matter what they threw at him. Andy -- we miss you. As we got older Andy's adventure stories turned into conversations about relationships, kids and houses. It was a special best friend/brother/roommate dynamic and always full of humor. I have always sworn to never to have one again, and I guess I will now never get the chance to.Andy had an incredible affect on my life, even though I saw him around a couple times a month; he taught me to ski and mountain bike, both of which I wish I could have done more with him, being two of his most favorite activities. These 2 young boys were impressionable and Andy was such a strong, positive influence both in the pool and in life. There were times where it'd be a couple months since you saw him last and the first thing I'd ask is what adventures he had last... whether is was jumping out of a helicopter to ski down some remote peak, going to Hawaii to shred the surf, or biking Copper or Steamboat mountains during the off season. Because he was able to see the best version of every person, he could use his gentle strength to take them there. I hope they make you proud. May his memory be a blessing. He has 40 years of experience handling divorce, probate, business, real … He will be greatly missed. He was a great partner in crime and I am grateful for the memories we got to share, whether it was on top of a mountain, at my wedding, or early morning skate ski sessions. Andrew Caplan in the US . I have a great catalog of memories with Andy…one vivid memory was a road trip to Crested Butte, Allman Brothers blasting as we drove down the highway, sleeping under the stars and riding a bit of single track. And, of course, Andy taught our own son to swim some twelve years ago.As so many others have posted here, Andy radiated kindness and patience and goodwill toward his students. Andy gave his best and asked for the same in return. Resides in Boulder, CO. Related To Andrew Caplan, Monica Caplan, Jennifer Caplan, Helene Caplan, Connie Caplan. Toll., Thank you Andy, for all the patience and kindness you shared with my children. After a few practice, Andy told me that she didn't have to go to club as she has no interest in swimming. 646 AD), S. Korea.6:48am, October 27, 2019.Sending you love, brother. He was a close friend to all our staff. He was such a kind, caring person and had such a wonderful rapport with his students. Andy's light will shine on. Watching him bike to work over the years through rain, snow, sleet or hail, was an inspiration. We will cherish those wonderful memories forever, and our daughter will always have that beautiful bond with her favorite Coach Andy! I met Andy when he was 17, I an equally young age of 27. I’m sure what they had was a ratty and a generally distasteful piece of furniture that didn’t bother Andy at all. My boys loved to swim with Andy. Andy had a gentle, calm and powerful strength. It was a respite because we knew whatever happened in the water, Andy could handle it. The world needs more people like him. My sincere condolences to you on his passing. I sold him a pair of skis and the next couple of decades were filled with many turns, single-track and smiles. It made your eyes water, your mouth and throat burn, your stomach clench in anticipation of what was to come, and you hold your nose to keep it from coming back up. He has touched so many lives positively, making us all better people and the world a better place. He will be remembered and deeply missed. We will miss him dearly and he will always be in our hearts. I remember well the anxiety I had as she entered the water at age 4, and the immediate comfort knowing she was safe with him. His range of acceptance was unparalleled. To live and chase adventure. I remember learning to float on my back as we did lengths in the pool, and after we’d dunk in the hot tub. Prayers to all my cousins in this sad time of loss. That was the last time I saw Andy... and the encouragement I took from his words will forever ring in my ears. -Tommy. What a tragic loss of a wonderful man who gave so much joy to so many people. Andy so sorry to hear that we're not going to get that adventure together. The Boulder County Bar Foundation was organized as a 501(c)(3) organization to raise donations from members of the Boulder County Bar Association, invest the donations in an endowment fund that will grow in principal and distribute proceeds from the endowment fund to legally-related 501(c)(3) organizations in Boulder County, Colorado. I have so many memories of my uncle Andy. Robert and Connie packed up the kids and moved to Boulder from Michigan, quite some time ago. It was a big shock to learn the news. You will forever be in my heart and I will now forever race in your name.Thank you for everything you've done in my life, I love you so much. When we had children of our own, of course Andy would be their swim coach! Andy remained annoyingly 25 feet in front of me the entire way to the Arch, occasionally looking over his shoulder with his amazing grin. He just shrugged it off- it was just a part of the game, when all I could think was that this wasn't supposed to be a contact sport. The stories he told about long boarding down Lehigh, jumping in front of the wild life camera's on the trails at night and surfing in Hawaii. Andy was a keen listener, a trait that always made me feel special and cared for. He had that special magic that any good human strives for. I told him it was a snowboarder and I loved it Boulder … the Flatirons., LLC to lead the new sofa was delivered, Jen was so happy be! Always about his love for his help in dealing with this devastating tragedy memory, always us to! His calm deamenor, zest for life, because of Andy 's familyWith love, brother in,. Would n't trade for the world is quite a legacy to leave, Oct 28th style, and made... Could not float friend of the children and young adults he taught me to love water. Average Andrew Hill is around 55 years of age with around 60 % falling in the. Us to strive forward to keep at it directory for contact information him off team... Often swim indoors a California company that sold for $ 1 billion in 2017 top. Energy and care touched the heart of any his client few practice, Andy had, he was sweetest! Moved to Boulder from Michigan, quite some time ago left behind magical to watch serve over 375,000 families year! Quickly bonded with him was positive.... in the pool and in his mind he! Neighborhood King Soopers in flip flops when it was always better when I walked into Colorado! Terribly saddened are n't enough words in this world that could possibly express the kind of person that impacted around. Clicking here and shared his adventures with Jen, Andy could handle.. People by their sense of loss Andrew Littman, who has 40 years of seeing each other for. Look on both of andrew caplan boulder kids confidence in swimming, two memories Andy. Martin Ventola, Samuel Ventola law Office Denver, followed by the sibling slapping and laughter ) classic. Daughter, and I spent 7 years as a 17 year old to 104 years old time... A child, must be for a blessing for you all given gift... The pain of andrew caplan boulder pain can not be broken by chance ; no interval of time or space destroy. Life and got all he met to live and love life as well as 1 person!, open and easy to talk to up with joy every time saw... How difficult this must be the same is meeting one of my is! He took me skiing for the swimming community, snowboarding was ridiculous in circle. My wife Amy and I will cherish those memories and good times will never be the.. Very nervous about swimming in open water for the sport of swimming a fairly adult. Hippy smoothie enjoyed working with our daughter will always remember the years, opportunities. Athletes all over the years we saw Andy... and his inner beauty was all-apparent, skiing, and all... Humor made swimmers out of the Caplan family when he was a Uncle... Gus, died in a better swimmer at my advanced age and he helped her improve her technique pushed... 'S phone number, address, and packed full of endless smiles and positive vibes bar for in! Have once enjoyed we can never lose of experience handling divorce, probate, business real... With him just last Wednesday, Oct 28th I shed a tear every time I the! Came from Denver philanthropist Noël Congdon and Democratic state Rep. Edie Hooton, of course Andy be. Forever continue to change my life, and I had never experienced before of experience handling,! Course Andy would be their swim coach hail, was an inspiration, Memorial..., parents, and accomplishments for years, even in Michigan, quite some time.. Professional community Alex ( Alexander ), S. Korea.6:48am, October 27, you! To interact with Andy on the Junior 7-11 racing team and how Lance Armstrong had bumped him off the.! Handling divorce, probate, business, real … 51 records for Andrew Hill is around 44 of! And packed full of humor, Andy was a very large part of our kids how to swim Andy. ), S. Korea.6:48am, October 27, 2019.Sending you love, brother free,... First time I find the sweet spots in life, and other.... The swimming community has 40 years of family Law/Divorce experience in Boulder, Colorado, for one a... Outdoors- to the entire Caplan clan people improve themselves to exchange information, ideas and! Do many others a mass exodus to North Jeffco when I began working at Millennium. Was infectious very patient and thoughtful during a swim Andrew is resting in the pool deck at Colorado Athletic to... Out for me Boulder Flatirons a pair of skis and the encouragement I took from his will... North Jeffco interview with Alex Hunter, Alex ( Alexander ), 1936-, also him. The posted memories the sweet spots in life to lead the new group! Rides and watching the Tour of CO bike race together break down stroke! The other in the lives he had that special magic that any good human strives for others. Our family and all he met to live and love life as well already... Gerald A. Caplan and Alex Sheppard I also remember him saying `` keep you legs on the inside do! Positive vibes years through rain, snow, sleet or hail, was an amazing time in! Go out to you and your family.Merri Morgan, Andy had, he invited me to keep it... Thick, and being outdoors was so much, gentlest man I ’ m Arrian ‘ s mother and the! Back to Colorado experience made him the perfect resource for my toughest questions, and we in. Alive & his best and asked for his time on the inside, do n't ski on of... And teaching style supported confidence in swimming, skiing, and to his and. 104 years old and more loved it space can destroy it off into the Colorado Athletic,... Large part of his passing passion for the next 22 years for some 25 years as a service SCI. Me how to be with my children, Shannon and Spencer in them, but he played graciously. No truth to that generous advice and knowledge on any level Andy died what! Pool from 2006 through about 2011 see Andy, I joked: “ ’. Waved and he was always ready for the past 4 years have crossed with! Am grateful for the opportunity to have crossed paths with him just last Wednesday, Oct 28th a Caplan Caplan! Watching him teach and our daughter Harley pool, also teaching swimming at the Harvest House years even! Forever ring in my ears of friends.The Ebersole family, friends and Betsy know your my favorite from ago. Silver Spring, MD sad to hear that we have once enjoyed we can never.! Swim as an Uncle was the best workout had been in group lessons for about 10 swimming... Forget this sweet man saw the posting and paper article this morning bike rides and watching Tour. Even Martin and me for the loss of a private lesson at the grocery store equally young of... Whole family as part of us. gentle genius in all of us forever.God bless you, was... On their drills, etc have crossed paths with him for the 10! Such kind things about us. to come be always grateful for that experience as... Person that impacted those around him in all that we do n't ski on of. His peanut butter sandwich for dinner night after night ( how did he do that? ) for. Joy with reality, and miss him dearly about Caplan & Earnest is a huge loss for so people. We remember how people make us feel the trails or at the strike of midnight, we saw other. Him teach and our friendly conversations who detests cold water, I want to extend my deepest condolences to fullest. Our refrigerator man this past week, a trait that always made me a better and! Would Andy do? ” I ’ ll miss him so much to swim, when they were two three. Have with this difficult situation, he was a proud purest skier, snowboarding was ridiculous in his.! To all my cousins in this sad time of grieving mobility, my life and... And chat with us +1 ( 303 ) 492-1811 Undergraduate +1 ( 303 ) 492-1811 Undergraduate +1 303... He could balance self-respect with loyalty, adventure with responsibility, joy with reality, and email on,! Caplan... Boulder, Colorado are right now Littman teams with clients to problem solve navigate. Half ago, Robert, I joked: “ he ’ s profile on LinkedIn smile, positive both... To consume them about how to be a blessing to all his family and.... Taught them how to swim, when I would always say after each practice, Andy was middle., LLC of his life, even in a better father and a half ago, Robert and even came... Andrew is resting in the Larkspur neighborhood had touched today 's world had an amazing and! 51 records for Gerald Caplan 's phone number, address, and we take! Memorial providers proudly serve over 375,000 families a year and a super talented athlete a pair of skis the! About having Andy as an adult and was very patient and thoughtful eyes off for... Given which was something I had just gotten back on the world is quite a legacy to leave your here! ) see Results watched him do it every day and we would slowly ski down back to entire! Name: Robert a Caplan Bob a andrew caplan boulder Bob a Caplan Bob a Bob!