Website hosting can be important. Some of the main things to think about when considering who to trust your hosting to is this:

  • Uptime: If your site is always experiencing downtime because server configuration is not setup correctly or your getting time-out errors then people will not enjoy visiting your website regulary.


  • Quality: You don’t want your site to run slower in the evening right? That’s when the internet rush hour is. Your site should have the potential for running full throttle at anytime, especially when all of your customers are surfing the internet. Problem is, in shared hosting plans someone usually gets the short end of the stick. As one site gets busy and starts using resources, other sites on the same panel will not have access to the resources that they need.


  • C-Panel: We provide you with your own C-Panel access. In short you will be able to add/remove/edit files without having to FTP. You can add domain specific e-mails and forward them to where ever you would like. Direct access to you database files. Full site backups with ease. The list goes on and on.


  • Convenience: If your not much of a “technology” person and do not like to have to deal with a different company for every one of your online needs we can help. We can offer you the convenience of dealing with 1 company for your online needs.

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